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best thing i learned working with and learning about kids: when they do shit like this, especially to something they themselves use and enjoy, leave it there for as long as possible. let them return to the fun thing over and over again so that it sinks in that the thing they did was wrong, they ruined something, and now they can’t have fun because of it and they should never do it again. it teaches them consequence of action and cautiousness.

i did this with a 3-year-old kid i babysat who filled his playstation with peanut butter before i got there, just every time he went back to it and asked why it’s not working, i opened it and pointed to the peanut butter stains and said “you did that” and he says “yeah”, “will it work like that?” “…no”, and when he got it and promised to never put anything but games into a game machine again, his parents bought another and he kept his promise. it works, even at that age.

this was a long and unnecessary rant but so many times i’ve seen parents IMMEDIATELY replace their kids’ toys/electronics that they destroy over and over again and i’m just like NO THEY’RE NOT LEARNING ANYTHING THAT WAY 

they also don’t learn from being thrown into fires

yeah but they’re quieter that way

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that guy is pissing his pants over that smile this kind of fear is what i aspire to inspire

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He felt her touch on a cloudless summer day.
She opened his eyes to a world of possible oceans.
He welcomed her gentleness with open arms.

She began to slowly trickle into his life.
She showed him how many flowers bloomed at her touch.
He wondered at the fact that he had never seen greener grass.

She taught him to dance in it with abandon.
He came to love the sound of water hitting the pavement.
She gave him new life.

His clothes weighed him down to the point where he could no longer run.
His drenched hair fell over his eyes, and he could no longer see.
She slipped away from his grasp without his notice.

She rumbled, and he cowered in fear.
He rushed to get indoors but took each step with caution.
He saw the lightning, but it was too late.

She turned his life upside down.
She seized him away when he least expected it.
She dropped him in the middle of nowhere, and he was lost forever.

He felt her touch on the first cloudless day in a long time.
She tried to open his eyes but found him to be blind.
He fashioned his arms into a gate to keep all wanderers out of his heart.

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The girl whose heart you broke sits in her room in tears.
She calls her best friend and tells her the story in between sobs.
She gulps down tears for a moment before bursting out again.
She cries you a river, just like you wanted her to.

The girl whose heart you broke sees you a few days after.
She takes in your arm around the other girl, and she feels her face harden.
She curls her fingers into a fist and wishes she could punch her and take you back.
She rages with envy, just like you wanted her to.

The girl whose heart you broke has a dream every night.
She pretends that you are still here and that you love her just as much as you said you did.
She hopes that when she wakes up, you will be right next to her with a smile on your face.
She thinks about you constantly, just like you wanted her to.

The girl whose heart you broke walks out on a date with a boy who reminds her of you.
She can’t help but wish that his brown eyes were your blue because they held an ocean of desire for her.
She prays that she can make it through the night without mixing up his name with yours, but she fails.
She moves toward you every time she tries to move on, just like you wanted her to.

The girl whose heart you broke smiles in the middle of a thunderstorm.
She knows that she does not need you, and that she is strong.
She puts on high heels and a dress and walks out into the rain because her world is hers only.
She has found herself again, something you never wanted her to do.

she was always a fighter, and you’re her first knockout (via inkonapagepoetry)

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i. he told her that her smile reminded him of the moon.
there are over one billion stars in the sky.
she was the only one that mattered to him.

ii. it didn’t take him long for his eyes to be drawn to stardust.
he found another pair of lips that tasted like the sun.
the moon suddenly seemed too distant.

iii. he was a force stronger than any gravity.
he flitted from star to star.
she was trapped in his orbit.

iv. she had no way to break from his path.
he was her world.
she was a speck of dust to him.

v. she looked up at the sky and saw his eyes among the stars.
she forgot what it meant to exist for herself.
she had never felt so alone.

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